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Each quarter Engie publishes, with its subsidiary Digitale, its magazine in French and English version: the IT Mag. Specialized in Information Systems, it allows employees to be informed of events and projects carried out by the Group.

This magazine is a popular medium that has a good reputation among its employees. To date, it counts nearly 1000 views!

In April 2015, he was destined for a print version. In 2016, the support evolved into an interactive pdf solution and then in 2017 to a digital solution: the flipbook.

Since its new graphic redesign in 2016, this communication tool required a facelift work for more graphic coherence on the digital level. It is also necessary to take into account the constraints of clutter of texts and the desire for a more refined and dynamic layout.

You can check out its new interactive version here!


Chrystelle Feenan


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